About No Boundaries International:
  • Without an Agenda
  • Without Judgement
  • Without Condemnation
No Boundaries International is a faith based 501(c) organization dedicated to bringing hope to those that are hopeless.  Whether it is the prostituted woman, the at-risk child, or those struggling with brokenness and addiction we reach out on a street level to provide realistic solutions to those in need.
T H E   C H U R C H

You are Invited!

We have family style worship each week on Saturday’s at 5:30pm.  Not only do we have a deep desire to help trafficking victims and others in hard places, but more than anything we have a deep desire to worship God, come together as The Body, lift one another up in prayer, and listen as Pastor Kenny shares the message God has given him each week.  We have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about sharing the true Jesus with everyone by loving God and loving people like Jesus.  We want to see God’s kingdom established across the earth.
And so it began…

A little about us

No Boundaries International (NBI) began in 2006 with a radical encounter with Jesus.  The Amarillo base began in 2013, when God called a Children’s Minister to step out on faith.  
After years of working with people in hard places, NBI has found that trafficking victims often (but certainly not always) have the  common trait of low self-esteem stemming from poor family dynamics.  Addiction, poverty issues, low level of education, homelessness and lack of viable choices may also play significant roles in them being lured and trapped into a predators hands.
As a result, NBI has recognized that the devastating effects of this modern day slavery, as well as, the contributing factors and has responded by operating a place within Amarillo area known for human trafficking, high crime, poverty, and at-risk children.  In addition, NBI provides victim assistance which meets the needs of those exiting from trafficking, a free clothes closet called Kimberly’s Closet, a free food pantry, ministry to the homeless and at-risk children, and an interactive Bible study for those incarcerated.  Inner healing is also available for those in need, under the guidance of our Pastoral Team.  
NBI believes that it will take a strong community driven response in order to stop the modern day evil of human trafficking.  Certainly no one organization can fight this alone.  It will take a combination of awareness, intervention, prevention, and fundraising by many individuals, groups, and organizations in collaboration with our law enforcement in order to make a strong impact.
We know God is not finished, but rather this is only the beginning!  CLICK HERE if you are interested in reading what is coming…NBI’s Vision for the Future.
Take a few moments today to hear the heart of our founder, Dr. Lori Basey as she shares a bit about NBI Amarillo from her eyes.  NBI AMARILLO PROMO VIDEO