Day 29



Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that You will intercede in the lives of those buying someone today.  Allow them to feel Your presence so strong that they flee & seek help.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


02/18/2017 2:55am

Yes, Lord, touch the heart of those people who are looking at other with lust. Cleanse the mind of those who thinks dirty to others. And free those who are being slave of the flesh. In the name of our Lord Jesus, I pray this. Amen!

06/29/2017 8:06pm

This prayer is really moving. I am disheartened by this globally spreading sin of human-trafficking. I also pray that God don't let this happen and have mercy in the lives of the victims. I pray the heart of the buyers to be moved by God. Please guide everyone.

08/27/2017 5:35am

Jesus will always be my Savior. Thank you, Jesus, for not letting me take the wrong path in my life. i know that You have always guided me to become a better daughter of Yours. I am sorry for all of the times that I disobeyed Your orders. I am very grateful for every single time that You forgive me. I know that it must be tiring to always hear me say sorry, but do know that I am trying my best to become a better person. Please never get tired of loving me and my family.

04/01/2017 12:31am


05/29/2017 2:14am

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06/29/2017 8:04pm



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09/05/2017 7:37am

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09/08/2017 7:29pm

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09/13/2017 3:11am

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09/20/2017 11:32pm

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09/27/2017 7:18pm

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