Day 22



Heavenly Father, we lift up to You those who uphold the law.  We ask You to keep them safe while rescuing those who have been trafficked.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


02/18/2017 7:34pm

The power of prayer is exactly work when we do it with most believes but I am excited to read your opinion that lead to a man in the field of religious. It is good to post this type of religious article for the best reward from all visitor. Thank you for share this info with the name of great Jesus.

06/19/2017 6:37pm

I actually do believe in the power of praying. When things are not good, I usually talk to God for some comfort. When I feel really devastated, I communicate with the Lord to find refuge. When I feel lost and miserable, I talk to Him for some enlightenment. I believe that praying is what we need if we want to feel refreshed and renewed. Thank you for all the prayers that you are offering here. You have indeed a good and kind heart by doing these things.


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