Day 21



Lord Father in Heaven we lift up the babies in the womb of the women who are being trafficked and those who are trafficking.  We ask You to keep those precious little ones in Your arms of safety before and after birth.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


02/05/2017 6:21pm

The Lord is true to His promises. He is faithful in all He does. He gives answer to every problem and turn weakness into strength. I believe that the Lord will rescue every women and children who are involved in human trafficking all over the globe. I declare longevity of life for them, in Jesus' name. Always have this in mind: if God is with us, who can be against us?

04/14/2017 6:21am

Human Trafficking is really a disgusting act. I really despise all of the creatures involved in this vile act. I don't refer to them as humans, since they don't act as one. They also don't deserve to be called animals, since most animals have a bigger moral compass than them. I really hope that God puts them in a special place in the other side with eternal torment and misery.


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