Day 9 



Dear Heavenly Father, Lord we thank You for prayers that have been answered for the sake of human trafficking.  We praise You and adore You.  Amen


01/25/2017 3:17am

This prayer is very relevant. Many people are becoming a victim of human trafficking. It is one of the most prevalent crimes in the state nowadays. I just hope their souls are in peace right now. Let us continue to pray for them.


Pray for action,pray for prevention,pray for protection,pray for restoration,pray for justice.It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the issue of human trafficking, but we can take action. We can speak out and insist that our elected officials support effective legislation, such as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and we can support World Vision and other programs to end trafficking and care for survivors.Imagine having all of your freedoms taken away, being forced to work against your will, and constantly living under the threat of violence - in short, being forced to live as a slave. Sadly, this situation is a reality for millions of children, women, and men each year as part of the global human trafficking industry.

11/14/2017 6:59pm

Amen. I can relate to this prayer because I feel that God is always by our sides. We may feel sad sometimes, but He will always be there to help us whenever we face some problems in our lives. I also believe it's about time for people to start believing that life with God is way better than living for your own sake alone. People have to understand that having faith will always be a good decision we should make! Thank you for sharing this prayer to all of us.


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