Day 6



Holy Father in Heaven, we come to you today with heavy hearts for our children who are being taken from their homes and work places and end up getting shipped to other cities and countries int he name of human trafficking.  Lord, we come to You with humility asking for protection, safety, and a hope for them to return home.  We pray Lord that You will be with them in Spirit as they struggle with issues of PTSD due to their experience.  We ask this in Your Most Holy Son Jesus' name.  Amen


02/01/2017 6:29pm

Thank you for this heartfelt prayer. I am touched by all of the prayers that you posted on this website. I know this can help people who are in trouble and whose faith is shaking. Continue to help strengthen the faith of many Christians in this world.

03/11/2017 1:22pm

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03/12/2017 12:36pm

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03/14/2017 5:10pm

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