Day 2



Holy Father God, we as that those addicted to pornography and those being exploited in pornography look to find you standing near them loving them and waiting to guide them to You.  We ask this in Your precious Son Jesus' name.  Amen.


01/23/2017 6:18pm

Thank you for this 30 days of prayer movement of yours. It serves as a great help to strengthen my faith. I've been teaching my younger siblings to have their 30 days of daily prayer too. It is important that they learn while they are still young. Please continue this movement.


This 30 days of prayer campaign supporting the fight against human trafficking is a blessing. Everyone at our clinic supports the fight and stands behind your 30 days of prayer. May it make a difference.

05/10/2017 8:38pm

I know is going to forgive them. They only have to be sincere on their forgiveness so God will forgive them. But forgiveness really takes a pile of time and it also requires a lot of sincerity. Pornography is a material that contains sexual activity to arouse, someone especially the person watching it. Pornography should be discontinued because it is not a good thing. The material they visualized is not beneficial for anyone. That is a sin to God because that is a betrayal of self.

04/08/2017 1:23am

04/26/2017 10:12am

Many thanks for getting enough time to discuss this, They have been a giant help for us. Thanks a whole lot.

05/06/2017 11:14pm

06/29/2017 4:54am

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