Day 15



Holy Father in Heaven, we pray today for a change of hearts in society.  That their hearts, minds and eyes be opened and awakened to the serious problem of human trafficking.  Amen


03/01/2017 2:28am

Good people always prayer your God and also going to church one day in a week. Church is the very best place for entire christian people. Mostly wedding are arrange in the different church. Always good behave to others then God is happy with you.

07/07/2017 8:22am

I support your advocacy. Please don't forget to pray to God. He will guide us no matter what. It is not too late for the people to have a change of heart. Nothing is impossible with God. Let us always keep that in mind. Please continue doing prayers like this. It is such a great help.


In order to move the hands of God as quickly as possible, we need to unite in prayers. We need to gather around and ask for His divine intervention to rescue those who are being trafficked by the works of the evil scheme. We should persistently ask God to help us. He is not deaf. He is faithful to all His promises.


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