Day 13



Dear Heavenly Father, we ask You to hold in Your arms & protect those whose most basic human needs (shelter, water, food & clothing) aren't being met. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen


03/21/2017 3:21am

Thank you for this prayer. I also pray for the same thing. How I wish all people would get the chance to eat three times a day. For some, they see it as a privilege more than a rights. There are suffering from too much hunger. Many people have been victimized by human trafficking. How I wish this is a better place. I'm sure there are people who also pray for the same thing. Thank you for posting this prayer!

08/15/2017 11:07pm

I would really like to thank you for always praying for those people who need it. I know that prayers are really powerful. They are being communicated to the One who has made us all. Prayers do really work so please continue doing so. I will also pray for these people simply because I know they needed it.

09/15/2017 8:56am

This post is very interesting. I hope this website is getting better.

01/07/2018 9:47pm

We should truly unite with prayers to God. Primarily, human trafficking is very sad situations across the globe. May I extend my prayers to those victims and other people involved in this activity. May the people realized that there is no good in human trafficking. May we also include in our prayers that the government could handle legal matters appropriately. In some other cases of human trafficking that are still in the court or in trial, may the truth prevails and may the justice be served.


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