Day 11



Most glorious Father in heaven, We pray for those who use human trafficking as a means to make a living.  We ask Father that their eyes be opened to the wonder and glory of You, Lord.  That their hearts and minds will turn to You and serve You instead of using others.  We ask this in Jesus name, Amen.


01/28/2017 8:07am

Human trafficking is one of the common problems in the whole world. Human trafficking can cause a bigger problem if it will not be prevented. I pray that Human trafficking will be stopped and prevented. I pray that those innocent victims will find justice and peace and those abusers will feel guilty of what they are doing. It may take time to solve the problem since there are a lot of ways to do it, but if people will be aware and understand the cause of it I know we can stop this kind of problem. Praying for a better world.

05/10/2017 7:45pm

There is an invitation for the prayers , People are very busy in their daily routine it is almost impossible to find time for prayers and meditation . The writer of the post doing a good job by sending message through blog .

05/15/2017 4:32pm

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06/11/2017 8:31pm

First of all, the world is already evolving into a state where citizens have overwhelming amounts of liberty. Gone were the days where equality is manifest in society. Every citizen actually has some avenues to address their grievances. More often than not, the playing field has come to a plateau for everyone involved. That is why I think the evils of human trafficking will soon come to its twilight days.

06/19/2017 4:18pm

That will tell us how to react properly. Great idea!

09/10/2017 6:48am

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09/21/2017 8:13am

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09/28/2017 1:30am

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