Day 1



Lord Father in Heaven, we pray for the children who wake up every morning in dangerous situations due to human trafficking.  We ask You, Lord, to keep them close to your heart and give them comfort by wrapping them in your loving arms.  We ask this through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.  


Thank you for offering this prayer. It is important to have our daily prayer. Prayer is the only way we can speak to God. He wanted His children to pray. It is a reflection of faith.

02/06/2017 5:07pm

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapon we could use at our disposal to defeat the wicked. Our Lord had taught us how to pray to ask for guidance, to be grateful for His unending blessings. One should learn how to pray effectively because in the time of temptations, problems and shortcomings, there is only one God we could ask for help. I believe that prayers are bigger than the usual weaponry that military use in war. It's the greatest savior in bad times and in good times.

04/10/2017 6:20pm

This is kind of helpful, especially for the persons that is into human trafficking. This is really scary and I am glad that you have this prayer dedicated to them. People who are doing this should be be jailed and have a life imprisonment because this is a dangerous crime that should be stopped. Human Trafficking is a grievous crime and a grave violation of human rights. Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking.


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